Common information
Current growth
Growth is an indicator of how a site’s popularity grows or falls. It is displayed as a fractional number from -10 to 10.
The growth is calculated using a Alexa Rank by date. Difference between site rank in time period indicate increase or decrease of growth. The site with the highest difference of increase of Alexa rank get a highest Growth


Grade indicates the "class" of the site. Evaluation is carried out in 4 categories: A, B, C and D.

  • Category A is awarded the world-famous sites with the highest rating.
  • Category B includes websites that have a large international audience and occupy leading positions in some regions, but not in the business sector.
  • Regional websites with a small audience are included in category C.
  • Newly registered websites or websites without an audience are included in category D.

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Referral Sites

Link Count
gameandroid.ru 80
pdamod.ru 56
diskapk.ru 50
playdroidlom.ru 24
appsdroidmod.ru 3

Visited Just Before

Traffic %
yandex.ru 33.8%
diskapk.ru 2.34%
xilbalar.com 2.17%
4pda.ru 1.96%
google.com 1.85%

Visited Right After

Traffic %
diskapk.ru 32.6%
yandex.ru 19.2%
youtube.com 2.87%
vk.com 1.63%
4pda.ru 1.57%
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